Remington 700 Rifles            UPDATED 2nd April 2018

Our semi-custom Remington 700 rifles are particularly aimed at the target and sporting shooter who wants something a bit better than a straight "out of the box" rifle but doesn't want to go down the route of a full blown custom rifle. This of course also means a cost savings.....what better reason to say to your other half when wanting a new rifle! We have now supplied over one hundred of these rifles and many shooters have expressed amazement at the performance they have acheived regarding accuracy and sheer pleasure this has given them.

Two of the most important areas to be addressed when seeking to improve a factory rifle are the trigger pull and the condition of the face and crown of the barrel. All our Remington 700's will offer the choice of a modified factory trigger or a replacement Rifle Basix trigger mechanism.  It is well known that the condition of the barrels muzzle face and crown can have a marked effect on its accuracy. Our experience has shown just how "out of true" these can be!


The top photo shows the muzzle of a Rem 700 SPS Tactical rifle which has had a special expanding arbor inserted down the barrel. This in turn has been fitted with a specially designed facing cutter designed to ensure that the muzzle face is cut exactly 90 degrees to the bore. This is followed by a tool to cut an even crown angle. Note how neither the crown nor the muzzle is correctly cut at the factory! In each case the newly cut (shiny) areas allow the black, uncut areas to stand out, illustrating the lack of concentricity of the muzzle face and crown to the bore. To be fair this is probably one of the worst examples we have seen!

To correct this, the face is cut back below the original crown, which is then recut. This ensures that the bore is perpendicular to the face of the muzzle and the crown is concentric to the boreline.
The redult may be seen in the lower photo prior to final polishing. You can now see the slight bevel at the crown and this rifle should now shoot better groups than it would have done before the recrowning procedure.

The practical importance of these procedures is to ensure that, as the bullet leaves the muzzle the high velocity gases produced by the burning of the powder within the cartridge escapes evenly around the base of the bullet. If this does not occur the disturbance of gas flow can cause the bullet to yaw and hence have a detrimental effect on accuracy, particularly at longer ranges.

We also use a properly fitting tool to lightly polish the rails upon which the bolt rides. This may not confer any actual benefit on accuracy, but it does make the bolt operation smoother. This may be more evident in the Police, SPS and LTR series of rifles which have a "parkerised" finish which, although non-glare and practical are in effect quite rough.  Then we adjust the factory trigger to give a crisp pull of between three and four pounds and carry out the necessary and vital safety tests bearing in mind that ANY rifle which has received tigger tuning should be treated with due care whilst shooting!

We are currently offering several alternative stock options for the Rem 700 rifles including Hogue, Accuracy International (AICS), Choate and Bell & Carlson and a package rifle may be assembled at reasonable cost, further enhancing shooting you enjoyment.

The SPS Varmint is now an established and popular choice as the basis of a semi-custom rifle, and here's a few ideas featuring a few of our aftermarket stocks. All rifles include our standard "fettling" but you can add other features eg replacement triggers, scope bases, tactical bolt knob etc ......

Accuracy International AT chassis system

 Accuracy International AX chassis system         

Choate Ultimate Sniper stock

Choate Ultimate Sniper SCP stock with adjustable cheek piece and 3-way adjustable butt plate

Choate Tactical stock with M-5 floor plate to accept Accuracy International magazines

Choate Tactical Custom Package stock with BDL type floor plate inlet

Please feel free to call for more details and prices of our semi custom Remington 700 rifles. For those of you who already own the rifle we are pleased to offer the new Choate stocks on their own for you to drop in your barrelled action (it's as simple as that!) The prices for the stocks on their own are as follows:

Ultimate Sniper stock £225
Ultimate Sniper SCP stock
Tactical stock with M-5 floor plate inlet £225
Tactical Custom Package stock with BDL floor plate inlet £450

NB. The Tactical stock with M-5 floor plate inlet may be upgraded by fitting the adjustable cheek piece shown on the Tactical Custom Package stock above. The price for the cheek piece is £90 but the stock needs altering to accept the new cheek piece, it's not a drop in part! Similarly the butt spacer system on the Tactical stock may also be ugraded by fitting the three way adjustable butt plate also shown on the Tactical Custom Package stock and the cost of the part is also £90 The butt plate does not require any alterations to the stock and is a straightforward exchange!

                                        NOW IN STOCK

The following rifles are all in stock but in varying quantities so please enquire for the latest information. All our Rem 700 rifles come with refaced and recrowned muzzle, adjusted trigger and smoothed bolt rails. Any of these barreled actions may be dropped into any of our stocks to give a package rifle, the price of which will be less than the stock and rifle purchased separately! Please enquire .....

.223 SPS Tactical with 16.5" barrel, 1 in 9 twist, threaded 1/2 x 28 ...... £850

.308 SPS Varmint with 26" non-threaded barrel ...... £800  or with 5/8 x 18 threaded barrel .... £850

.223 Model 700 stainless steel 20" threaded barrel, 5-R rifling, 1 in 9 twist, HS-Precision stock £1,100




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