Rimfire Magic rifle Build List      Updated 30th November 2017

Its as simple as  A  B  C . . . .
Well, that's the idea anyway. We receive so many phone calls and e-mails asking for price quotations for our custom Rimfire Rifle rifles that we are now making it easy and quick for the shooter to choose his or her specification and then work out the cost! Simply start with Part A which is the combined receiver and trigger unit (now offered with a choice of two options) then select a barrel from Part B and finally a stock from Part C......add together the prices shown and that's the total price for your new rifle!

Please Note...The prices shown in this build list are only applicable when we supply and build your rifle! Other prices may apply if any item is purchased as a separate part! Also, please be aware that certain combinations of parts may not be compatible, but we are always happy to advise.

Part A         Complete receiver and trigger unit now available in a choice of two options                  

Our own receiver fully machined in the UK from a solid block of aluminium with an integral Picatinny style base . Includes a new factory bolt with tuned EDM extractor, recoil buffer and take down screw and factory bolt handle assembly. The bolt has been tuned to give the correct firing pin protrusion both at the front and rear to give optimum ignition of the cartridge. We are now using the latest Ruger factory BX trigger unit fitted with an  automatic bolt release and custom trigger return spring. We also polish the hammer and sear engagement surfaces. A factory extended mag release is also fitted. Supplied with one BX-1 factory magazine. Available in black only...... Price £400

We start with our receiver as pictured above but this option includes a Power Custom Match bolt CNC machined from a block of 416 stainless steel with a headspace set at .044" for maximum accuracy and a tuned titanium extractor. A titanium firing pin is fitted which is pinned at the front to prevent it from rising up too close to the cartridge rim whilst the front and rear of the pin are held to predetermined measurements to ensure maximum reliability of ignition. The trigger unit is similar to the one shown above but a CST last shot hold open device is fitted which functions with Ruger factory magazines. Available in black only ..... Price £550


Part B   Barrel    Please note that we are currently rationalising our barrel inventory, some types only                            available whilst stocks last   (WSL)

(We have shown each barrel fitted to a receiver to help illustrate options..... the prices shown are for the BARREL only!)

Standard Factory Barrel
Standard 18.5" tapered barrel in blued or stainless steel, with front sight, screwcut.
Price £60   WSL

Standard Factory Barrel
Standard factory tapered barrel in blued or stainless steel, supplied at your choice between 12.5" - 18" and screwcut for muzzle brake or sound moderator.
Price £90   WSL


Volquartsen Carbon Fibre Match Barrel
Our most popular Match barrel!
Currently offered in 12.5" or 16" with a 1/2 x 20 UNF threaded end cap which will accept most sound moderators and our 32 hole muzzle brake. Superb accuracy with minimal weight! 
Price £320

Rimfire Magic Heavy Barrel   Made for us by The Green Mountain Rifle Barrel company in the US. A 16" match grade fluted barrel .920" diameter barrel, screwcut at the factory. Available in a choice of blued or stainless steel.  (Stainless currently out of stock)
Price £250
Rimfire Magic Tapered Barrel   Made for us by The Green Mountain Rifle Barrel company in the US. A 16" match grade plain (non-fluted) barrel with the same taper as a factory barrel, screwcut at the factory. Available in a choice of blued or stainless steel.
Price £200

Part C        Stock    Please note that we are currently rationalising our stock inventory, some types only                               available whilst stocks last   (WSL)

(For illustrative purpose only we have shown each stock on a barrelled action...please note that the prices are for the stock only!)

Hogue thumbhole stock.
Hogues latest stock is ambidextrous and the barrerl channel accepts .920" barrels. Features a nylon core overmoulded in Hogue's traditional rubber skin for a comfortable grip even in wet weather.
Price £150

Boyds Evolution Stock
Ambidextrous laminate wood stock for any barrel contour, available in choice of several laminate colours.
Price £185
Hogue Stock
Rigid core overmoulded with a soft rubber "skin", cobblestone texture on grip and forend. Available for factory tapered barrels in black, or for .920" barrels in black, olive drab, tan or camo
Price £95 (black)  £115 (Olive Drab/Tan)

Magpul Stock
Our latest arrival and proving very popular! Synthetic sem-tactical style with a reversible barrel tray which allows the stock to fit factory standard tapered barrels of any .920" diameter heavy or carbon fibre barrel. Available in Flat Dark Earth (as shown) or Dark Grey, Black or Olive Drab 
Price £140

DSCN0935 Silhouette Stock
High comb and pronounced, nearly vertical thumbhole for comfortable offhand shooting. Available in brown or grey laminate for .920" barrels only.
Currently out of stock (no pun intended here!)
Price £195

Tapco T6 stock
Synthetic stock for standard factory barrel with M4 style multi-position butt stock. Picatinny rail on top of handguard plus one under a slide off panel underneath. Black usually available with olive drab and flat dark earth sometimes available.

Price £125

Tapco T6 stock
This version accepts .920" barrels similar to the above but with added rails to both sides of the handguard.
Price £145

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