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Updated 11th June 2017

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.22 rimfire

SY17776 GSG H&K MP-5 style rifle complete with original dummy moderator ..... £175


SY17841 CZ Varmint 20" barrel, Simmons 2.8 - 10 x 44 scope, moderator, very clean ..... £350

SY17818 Ruger 10/22 de luxe, tuned trigger with ABR and EMR fitted, very clean condition .... £350



SY17761  Armalon Remington 700 rifle with 26" fluted barrel plus muzzle brake converted to use AR-15 magazines (comes with 3 magazines) and fitted with aftermarket trigger, in AICS chassis system (non-adjustable cheek piece)  Includes bipod and two piece Leupold bases with rings .... £1,500

SY17828 Remington 700 SPS Tactical with 20" 1 in 9 twist barrel, adjusted trigger pull, two piece scope base, tactical bolt knob, sound moderator, black Hogue pillar bed stock, little used ...... £700


SY14134 Swedish Mauser manufactured by Carl Gustav in 1911, the bore is good and bright, and the stock is in good, sound condition with an interesting silver coloured plaque in the butt stock bearing
the wording which we understand translates as "INSURANCE COMPANY HANSA SPECIAL AWARD IV" which may indicate possibly a prize for a shooting competition or some other type of award. Metal finish is original blue with a little scattered brown and grey and the receiver bridge has two drilled and tapped holes, presumably for a Soderin or other type of rear sight. The bore is bright with strong rifling. Matching numbers except bolt and rear sight ........ £500


SY14680 Springfield Armory Model 1903 rifle in good condition with a 1942 four groove barrel which shows frosting in the grooves but also strong lands. The woodwork is solid and sound and shows proof firing and Ogden Armory cartouches. The metalwork shows almost all the original finish ...... £900


SY17597 Winchester Model 94 Royal Canadian Mounted Police centennial commemorative model (1873-1973) with brass receiver and blued 22" barrel. The woodwork shows several minor handling marks but the metal work is almost unmarked. An unusual model in a calibre not seen too often in the UK ....... £395

.31 Ardesa black powder single shot pocket pistol complete with its original box ....... £50

.357 mag

SY17842 Taurus long barrel revolver about which we can say very little other than it is absolutely mint in its box BUT it also comes fitted with the correct factory Taurus scope base too. Mechanically it appears excellent with a good, solid lock up on every cylinder.  Stunning! ...... £600


SY14142 Marlin saddle ring carbine with 20" barrel. Restored by a professional gunsmith in New Mexico a few years ago and has just a couple of minor marks on the barrel and stock and a few very slight scratches on the beautifully colour case hardened receiver which you need to stare hard at to find. An older Marbles tang sight is fitted and a brass front sight blade. A very pretty little Marlin rifle ....... £1,100


#1934 Marlin  Model 1893 .38-55, 26" octagonal barrel with strong bore, finish all gone to grey, black powder proofed .... £900

.44 mag

SY17788 Marlin Model 1894P with 16" ported barrel fitted with XS long rail scope base and ghost ring aperture sight. Fully tuned and slicked by us including one piece stainless steel firing pin it has a 1.75 lbs trigger pull. The rifle does show a few minor dings and marks but is still a good example of a fairly difficult to find Marlin rifle as they were only manufactured for a couple of years ..... £1,300

SY17786 Marlin 1894 with 20" barrel, fully tuned and slicked by us including one piece stainless steel firing pin it has a 1.5 lbs trigger pull. This one is in beautiful, virtually as new condition and of course is a "JM" model ..... £1,200

SY17787 Marlin 1894 with 20" barrel, fully tuned and slicked by us including one piece stainless steel firing pin it has a 1.75 lbs trigger pull. Almost indistinguishable in appearance from the Marlin shown above it is a stunning example of an earlier "JM" Marlin ..... £1,200


SYSY14558  Springfield Trapdoor rifle, 1873 fitted with Buffington sight, sound bore with some minor pitting, inspectors cartouche on stock .... £475


12 gauge

SY17487 Revo Tactical Section One pump action shotgun 7+1 capacity. Features ghost ring sights and picatinny rail for mounting a red dot or similar optic. Tremendous value for money and in excellent condition ....... £195

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