Marlin lever action rifles                Updated 19th June 2017

Sadly there is no sign from Marlin that any .357 calibre rifles are likely to see the light of day in the near future which is bad news for dedicated Marlin lovers (like us!) We are also hearing worrying stories that some of the .44 calibre Marlins which are currently being manufactured are still showing a number of problems. We have seen one here with the rifling deeper on one side of the bore than the other and a fellow dealer had one returned to them as it was putting bullets through the target sideways! This one also exhibited the rifling problem we saw.

Meanwhile we still have a small number of Marlins, most of which we have obtained from US auction sites but the bad news here is that US shooters will not entertain the newer Marlins and (like us) will only accept the earlier "JM" Marlins as they are known which bear the initials of John Marlin on the side of the barrel. Competition to acquire these rifles has seen prices rising to well over $1,000 for a decent used specimen plus of course our exporter's fees, shipping and then Proof, not to mention around 23% on top of all this for VAT and import duty.

If you are looking for a really good .45-70 Marlin then you may be pleased to hear that we have imported a small number of the SBL models with their stainless steel receivers and 18" stainless barrel in a grey laminate stock with a scope rail and XS sights. When they are back from Proof we will have a couple left for sale after filling back orders. Price is £1,250

Until the day arises when we have confirmed the quality of the new Marlins coming on the scene we hope to still be able to offer a few good Marlins for sale, starting with four rather nice .44 mag Model 1894 rifles, two are standard 20" barrels and the other two are nice examples of the rare .44 mag with 16" ported barrel.  These will be posted when they are back from Proof and subsequently fully tuned and slicked.


SY14142 Marlin saddle ring carbine in .38-40 with 20" barrel. Restored by a professional gunsmith in New Mexico a few years ago and has just a couple of minor marks on the barrel and stock and a few very slight scratches on the
beautifully colour case hardened receiver which you need to stare hard at to find. An older Marbles tang sight is fitted and a brass front sight blade. A very pretty little Marlin rifle ....... £1,100

#1934 Marlin  Model 1893  .38-55, 26" octagonal barrel with strong bore, finish all gone to grey, black powder proofed ............ £900

Marlin reduced power hammer spring
Manufactured in the UK for us, this is a "must have" for your Marlin. This is of course the part we use in all our marlins to promote easier operation of the finger lever. At just £5.00 can you affford not to install one?

Marlin one piece stainless steel firing pin
This has proved to be a very popular upgrade and is included in all our tuned Marlin rifles. As well as increasing reliability (the original three part firing pin system is somewhat prone to breakage) it also makes the action that little bit easier to operate as with the stainless pin as the locking bolt does not need to push the rear firing pin up in line with the front firing pin against the pressure of the firing pin spring.   Price £30

Marlin scope bases
One of the big advantages of a Marlin over most other lever action rifles is the ease of fitting an optical sight to the rifle. The solid top receiver permits the simple installation of a scope base and for many years we have used the Weaver 63B part which costs just £10. If you need them we also carry various heights and sizes of scope rings in stock. Our latest offering is of course the "Ace in the Hole" system shown on our Home page.

Aperture sights

Not all shooters want to use optical sights on a Marlin so we offer a couple of alternative open sights, particularly useful now that many competitions include a separate class for "iron sights only" as of course the rifles would have been used when they originated back in the nineteenth century!

Williams Gunsights have produced the FP-336TK receiver sight for many years and we have sold hundreds of them. They are simply fitted to the rear of the receiver using the two longer screws provided. It offers both windage and elevation adjustments using your fingertips to operate the target knobs .... £65

Supplied with a .093" aperture but a smaller .050" aperture is available for £8.00 and is useful when there is plenty of ambient light.


  Williams "Ace in the Hole" sight

A clever idea from Williams Gunsights sees a picatinny rail for use with optical sight but which also incorporates a small adjustable rear sight and a Firesight fibreoptic front sight. So, in the event of a failure with your optical sight you can whip it off and still have some back up iron sights to use!   £55






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