Manners stocks    Updated 20th December 2012

Manners Stocks

Now available: T4 stocks to accept Tikka T3 action!

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We are pleased to tell you that we have quietly been importing several batches of Tom Manners superb stocks and we are currently producing our price list. Even better is the news that Tom has been kind enough to listen to our request for him to register as an exporter with the US State Department and also to acquire the necessary US export licence which now allows him to ship his stocks directly to us, rather than through a third party exporter/shipper. An added benefit is that this will reduce our costs and of course we will pass these savings on to our customers.  We owe Tom a great debt of gratitude for doing this on our behalf as we are currently struggling with at least two other US companies who are finding excuse after excuse and delay after delay in shipping our orders, some of which go back to October last year. As well as offering the stocks on their own we will shortly be offering a range of rifles combining Manners stocks with Remington 700 or our own UK produced Alchemy actions. We now have around 70 stocks to hand which includes 20 which are the MCS-T4 (shown below with a Remington 700 in situ) but this batch is inletted to accept the Tikka T3 barrelled action with Varmint contour. This model is intended as a "drop in" and shoot design for the T3 and will be priced at £475 with fixed cheek piece and £600 with the adjustable cheek piece. The Tikka T3 stocks come with a fixed Pachmayr Decelerator butt pad and use the factory floor plate/trigger guard. With such a variety of these absolute top quality stocks available we will adding a "Manners Stocks" page to our website pretty soon with plenty of pictures plus of course prices.  We are predicting a BIG future for these stocks (or else one of us will be moving to the dog house........and it won't be Sheila!)


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